I admire the passion and creativity I encounter as I work with schools who are committed to improving outcomes for their pupils with specific individual needs. Moving situations forward is often a journey which requires additional knowledge and experience and the opportunity to problem solve collaboratively, this is my offer to your school.

What I can offer your setting


For the individual child or young person:


Observations, talking to and working with the child or young person, liaising with staff and parents and providing practical and realistic recommendations for the child or young person followed by typed summary notes

As above, followed by a full report for statutory purposes such as a request for an Education Health and Care Plan. This would provide a profile of the child and recommendations for long term outcomes and supporting strategies to support academic and social development

Working directly with the child or young person on an individually devised programme to support a specific area of development, for example, emotional awareness and regulation

Attendance at meetings

Signposting to, or creating specific resources for the child

Coaching in a range of interventions and strategies including; Intensive Interaction, Attention Autism, Social Stories (Carol Gray), structured work systems (TEACCH), Music Communication, Zones of Regulation

Helpline – Phone consultations



My aim is to deliver relevant training for your needs in a manner that is interactive and engages the participants fully.

Training options are designed to meet the needs of your setting:

Whole day training
Half day training
Twilight sessions

A selection of training topics available:


What it means and how you can help.
(Designed to meet the requirements of your setting.)

Communication skills


Behaviour as communication

Emotional regulation

Girls and autism

Supporting children with a demand avoidant profile

The Zones of Regulation

Supporting lunchtimes

Training for MDA’s

Sensory differences

happy primary school children enjoying class

For the strategic development of your provision


An audit of your provision for pupils with autism within your setting, developed in discussion with you to meet your requirements.

Enhance peer awareness within your setting with an emphasis on supportive strategies, through signposting to resources or leading lessons or assemblies.



School fees:

Initial phone consultation: Free
Half hour phone consultation: £30
School visits: £65 per hour
Typed summary notes with recommendations: £70
School Package 1: Two hours observation and liaison and summary typed notes with recommendations: £160
School Package 2: Two hours observation and liaison and summary typed notes with recommendations. Followed by 4 visits of 1 hour to work with staff or the child: £380
School Package 3: Two and a half hours school visit plus report suitable for statutory purposes. This will include a profile of the child and recommendations for long term outcomes and supporting strategies to identified areas of need: £300
Mileage: 45p per mile from CM3 5NJ

Training fees:

Whole day training: £600
Half day training: £300
Twilight sessions: £170 (1½ hours); £220 (2 hours)
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